Eric Gallite

Eric Gallite Has Been A Long-Time Cleveland Browns Fan

Everyone has a sport they love to watch but don’t really like to play themselves. For some, it can be hockey or baseball, but for most, it’s football. Eric Gallite belongs to the latter category. He loves to watch a nail-biting football match and is a fan of Cleveland Browns, a team that was named after its coach and co-founder Paul Brown.

Eric has been following the American Football matches since he was just a little kid. He would sit beside his dad and watch, cheer and sometimes shout at underperforming players and just have a good father-son time. After a few years of watching the football matches and seeing his dad cheer for the Cleveland Browns, Eric started liking them too and later on inherited the same fandom.

Eric Likes to Relate Football to Business:

It’s been 35 years since he has been rooting for the Browns, and in these years, Eric has been through many ups and downs in his personal and business life. Now when he takes a saunter down the memory lane, he can see how competitive the business was and still is. Everyone was after success, and whoever gets near it, others would try to grab him, tackle him, and pin down to the ground just like a typical football game. However, Eric never gave up. Every time a problem blocked his path, he would bash through it and progress towards the goal.

Eric likes the quarterback position the most because of two qualities; he is aggressive, and he leads. Eric believes a CEO of any business should act as a quarterback. This is because aggression towards your goals and leading people around you towards success are the two things that everyone needs if they want to not just survive but thrive in today's cut-throat competitive business environment.

I Watch But I Don’t Play:

When it comes to football, Eric is more like an observer who just enjoys watching the game and also take life lessons from it. The two games that he does like to play are golf and pool. He golfs at least two times a week and plays pool regularly as he has the table set up in his office. Eric’s philosophy about the business being a football game teaches us that; you don’t have to be in everything to learn from it!

Sometimes, observing things from a distance gives you a wider perspective of what people involved in the action cannot see. Observation is unequivocally one of the most powerful tools to have in your arsenal of intellectuality, and you can use it to set your path straight in every walk of life.

Take inspiration from everything; be it a football game or something else. If you watch things with the mindset of getting inspired, you will learn many great things, just like Eric did from a quarterback.